Take Your Cross

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  1. In Jesus’ day, a cross wasn’t just a symbol of pain and suffering; it was mainly a symbol of death. What Jesus was telling them is that they needed to put to death their own plans and desires, and then turn their lives over to Him and do His will every day.
  2. May 29,  · We worry about all the wrong things! You only have one job and it’s this: take up your cross. That is your portfolio as a Christ follower. You simply need to deny yourself, endure torture, and die to self. If you do that, God will do the rest. If you do it everyday, you have all of .
  3. Hold this cross in your hands. Do you agree that this cross would be easy to carry around? If this is the type of cross that Jesus was taking about when he said “take up your cross and follow me,” then following Jesus would be pretty easy. But of course this is just a small cross. The cross that Jesus suffered and died on was a very big cross.
  4. 1. Take up your cross, the Savior said, If you would my disciple be; Deny yourself, the world forsake, And humbly follow after me Take up your cross, be not ashamed! Let not disgrace your spirit fill! For God himself endured to die Upon a cross, on Calvary’s hill Take up .
  5. Oct 02,  · “Take up your cross and follow me” is a call to nonviolent yet revolutionary action, the kind that would invite persecution. Early followers of Jesus generalized his revolutionary call to other kinds of suffering. When the disciples were publicly flogged, they rejoiced that they could share in Jesus’ suffering (Acts ). Paul connected.
  6. The phrase "a cross to bear" is a popular derivation of the words of Jesus: "Take up your cross and follow Me." While the phrase is commonly understood to mean acceptance of some burdensome task, the command to take up the cross is much more than a symbol of the difficulties experienced by humanity. Any person, whether a follower of Jesus or not, will suffer frustration and pain in this life.
  7. Nov 15,  · “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must give up your own way, take up your cross daily, and follow me” (Luke ). When we are asked to take up our cross for Jesus, we must understand three things. One, taking up your cross is not a walk in the park. Crosses used in the days of Jesus weighed pounds.
  8. Take up your cross and follow Jesus. Take up your cross every day. Don’t be ashamed to say that you know Him. Count the cost, take up your cross and follow Him. What are you doing for the King.

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